EC VP request to be ignored by Micron, say reports

Micron is reported to be set to defy the request of EC Vice President Antonio Tajani to delay its planned sacking of 419 Italian researchers.

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani

Tajani wrote to Micron’s President and CEO asking them to “defer” the planned sackings.

Sources in Rome say that Micron will ignore Tajani’s request and go ahead with the lay-offs.

Earlier today a meeting between Micron, STMicroelectronics, Government officials and the unions was held at the Ministry of Labour in Rome with both sides still far from agreement.

It transpired that Micron and ST have been holding discussions about the fate of the 419 and that ST, from whom the researchers were originally seconded to Numonyx which was bought by Micron, has offered to take back up to 150 specialized technologists but only in 12 to 24 months time.

The number ST will take back, and the sites to which they will be allocated, is to be decided at next week’s meeting on April 7th.

At that meeting, held on the day of the lay-offs, the meeting at the Ministry will try and persuade Micron to re-assess the number of people it can re-locate and reduce the overall number of redundancies.

For those willing to leave voluntarily, it is hoped that the pay-off will be increased from 18 months pay to 60.

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