Electric Cars Taking Longer Than Expected, says Maxim

The market for electric cars is taking longer to emerge than was anticipated, says analogue IC specialist Maxim.

Futuristic home - electric Mercedes

Futuristic home – electric Mercedes

“It has been slower to develop than originally hoped, than originally predicted,” says Kent Robinett, managing director of automotive solutions at Maxim.”

There is an element of disillusionment about Maxim’s hopes for the sector.

“I expect more than half of the electric cars will be hybrids,” added Robinett, “we don’t really think the EV (electric vehicle) will be the future.”

The disappointment for Maxim is that: “We’ve invested heavily in the electrification of the power train,” added Robinett.

The big barrier to electric cars is, of course, batteries which cost up to one third of the overall cost of an electric car.

Maxim is still investing in electronics for conventional cars putting its R&D dollars into power management, smart keys, radio tuners and RF antennas, LED lighting and powertrification.

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