EV accelerates TSV production

EV Group says it has increased TSV throughput by 50% with a fusion bonding technology which it calls Gemini FB XT.


GeminiFB XT Automated Production Fusion Bonding System

Wafer alignment has been improved 3x over its previous technology says EV.

The 2012 edition of theITRS  says that high-density TSV applications will require wafer bonding alignment accuracy of 500 nm (3 sigma) by 2015.

To enable high process yields for hybrid bonding, even tighter specifications are needed.  The GEMINI FB XT incorporates EVG’s newly introduced SmartView NT2 bond aligner, which enables alignment accuracy to below 200 nm (3 sigma).

This corresponds to up to a three-fold improvement over EVG’s SmartView NT platform—the previous industry benchmark for bond aligners.

An integrated metrology module validates alignment after pre-bonding to enable customers to quickly fine-tune the bonding process for HVM processing if necessary.

Additional pre- and post-processing modules have been added for wafer cleaning and surface preparation, plasma activation and wafer bond alignment that enable increases in throughput by up to 50 percent.

This helps IC manufacturers’ efforts to move wafer stacking upstream in the manufacturing value chain from mid-end-of-line (MEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing to front-end-of-line (FEOL) processing.

This, in turn, enables device manufacturers to integrate more functionality into their product at the wafer level, where higher levels of parallel processing can significantly drive down 3D-IC/TSV manufacturing costs.

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