Everything will have an IP address, says NXP CEO Rick Clemmer

Getting all electronic devices, from cars to LED lights, connected to the web is important if we are to create the Internet of Things, says Rick Clemmer, CEO, NXP Semiconductors.


As the rise of online and mobile communications has enabled us to be more connected with each other than ever before, so the physical environments we move through and inhabit are also becoming increasingly connected and intelligent – with corresponding concerns arising about security.

By creating an ‘Internet of Things’, where appliances, devices and systems can talk to each other, and be securely accessed and controlled from anywhere for privacy protection, we are creating new ways of living, working and travelling that save money, time and energy.

By connecting and controlling the world around us in a smart and secure way, and making ‘things’ aware and adaptive to their environment, we can make our lives easier, more efficient, more secure, and less resource dependent.

Take our vision of the smart home, where every electrical device and even every light bulb has its own IP address, allowing them to be controlled remotely and securely via smartphone, tablet PC or TV.

From using NFC-based electronic locks to control access to your home, to smart appliances that automatically monitor energy consumption for optimal power savings, the possibilities are tremendous.

For instance, imagine being able to precisely control the temperature, air quality and humidity in your home or check who’s at your front door via remote IP camera.

Another exciting area of innovation is the ‘connected car’. Cars that ‘think’ can help the driver select the best, most energy efficient route to a destination, and significantly reduce the number of road accidents.

By extending in-vehicle networking systems to the traffic infrastructure via a secure protected wireless connection, road signs and cars can talk to one another to regulate the flow of traffic and warn drivers of hazards up ahead.

Interoperability is going to be a major strategic imperative going forward.

With major developments on the horizon such as the smart grid roll-out across Europe, we remain focused on delivering intelligent, secure and energy-efficient solutions that will benefit all our lives.

Our theme at this year’s Electronica will be ‘Connect, Control, Conserve’, with a particular focus on key application areas such as security, connected devices, energy efficiency and healthcare.


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