Feb fall for TSMC sales

TSMC saw February revenues fall 9% on January’s to $1.547 billion.  January revenues were $1.697 billion.

Y-o-Y the February revenues were 13.7% up on the $1.359 billion of February 2013.

Jan-Feb revenues were $3.24 billion – 10.9% up on the $2.924 billion of Jan-Feb 2013.

TSMC’s January $1.69 billion January sales were up from December’s $1.65 billion.

TSMC’s November sales of $1.47 billion were a 14.4% drop from October’s $1.76 billion which were down 6.5% on its September revenues of $1.88 billion.

TSMC had revenues of $1.86 billion in August up 5.7% on July’s $1.74 billion, but down from the $1.77 billion of June. May sales were $1.73 billion – a slight rise on April’s $1.7 billion.

UMC had February revenues of $341 million up on January sales of $332 million, up on December sales of $327 million, down on its November revenues of $350 million and October revenues of $355 million, flat with  September revenues of $340 million, and down on  August revenues of $371 million, July revenues of $386 million, June revenues of $368 million and  May revenues of $361 million, but up on April revenues of $336 million.

UMC’s February revenues of $341 million were 18.45% on the $288 million of February 2013.

UMC’s Fan-Feb revenues were $673 million – up 12.2% on the $600 million of Jan-Feb 2013.

TSMC had Q4 sales of $4.86 billion down 10% from Q3. Annual revenues were $19.88 billion – a rise of 17.8% on 201.

UMC had Q4 2013 sales of $1 billion, down 8% from Q3, and annual revenues of $4.1billion compared to $3.53 billion in 2012.

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