Foundry-Design-Uni partnership in China

SMIC, Brite Semiconductor and Zheijiang University have formed an IC research collaboration.

The IC research program is to serve as a platform for cooperation, strengthening technology development and academic exchange while aligning with the university’s educational tradition of “combining theory and practice.”

SMIC and Brite Semiconductor will provide Zhejiang University graduate students with hands-on training and internship opportunities, while Zhejiang University will provide a continuing education program for SMIC and Brite Semiconductor employees.

Overall, the program will develop a more qualified and dynamic semiconductor industry workforce.

“It will generate a pool of outstanding graduates and help Brite further develop its engineering talent,” says Charlie Zhi, the president and CEO of Brite Semiconductor

“The establishment of this joint research program is one part of our school-enterprise cooperation strategy,” says Chris Chi, Chief Business Officer of SMIC, “we hope to take this opportunity to create a new model of comprehensive school-enterprise collaboration.”

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