French firm aims RF MEMS chips at mobiles

DelfMEMS, a French start-up developing RF MEMS switching devices, has secured €5.4m ($7.4m) in round C funding.

Guillaume d'Eyssautier

Guillaume d’Eyssautier

The company said it will use the funding  “to support the company’s growth in the next generation, wireless front-end modules for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets that need multi-standard, multi-mode mobile telephony”.

DelfMEMS IP portfolio includes seven key patents.

“The switch is an anchorless and push-pull mechanical device that is deflected by electrostatic forces to switch RF signals based on the principle of current electro-mechanical relays/switches,” said the company.

The benefits include improved receiver sensitivity leading to fewer dropped calls and better call quality together with optimal carrier aggregation switching for massively improved data rates.

“The test silicon has shown that we have cracked the problems that have caused many MEMS companies to fall by the roadside,” said Guillaume d’Eyssautier, DelfMEMS CEO.

“This is creating a lot of interest in the industry especially as we will have samples for customers to evaluate in a few weeks. This latest round of financing will be used to consolidate the organization and be ready for production ramp-up by the end of 2014,” said d’Eyssautier.

Investors are Ambition Numérique fund, managed by bpifrance Investissement, together with Iris Capital, VIVES, Capitalaria as well as previous investors (A2D Invest, Finovam, Rhône-Alpes-Création, Eurekap!, Helea Financiere and business angels).



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