Government to address flaky mobile telecoms service

The Prime Minister has joined the rest of us in getting fed up with ‘not-spots’ – areas where you can’t get a mobile phone signal.

Astonishingly, it appears, that even Downing Street suffers from flaky mobile service while, it is said that the PM has had to cut short West Country holidays because of lack of a mobile signal.

But relief may be at hand, not only for the PM, but for the rest of use.

The plan is to tell network operators to make their masts accessible to all users.

So your mobile phone gets connected to the nearest mobile mast whoever it belongs to.

The operators, of course, are against the plan. They say switching between different operators’ masts will itself caused dropped calls.

The minister charged with the task of bringing the operators round to the PM’s way of thinking is culture secretary Sajid Javid.

The EU moves to provide free roaming in 2016 have, apparently, precipitated the UK plan because the EU plan would mean that visitors to the UK would get a better service than the locals who would remain tied to one operator’s network.

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