Growing and declining product categories in 2014

The product winners and the product losers of 2014 are listed by IC Insights.

IC Insights - 2014 Forecast of IC Market Growth by segment

IC Insights – 2014 Forecast of IC Market Growth by segment

Top of the Pops are tablet MPUs (35%growth) DRAM (23%) and Cellphone Application MPUs (19%).

Seven products are forecast to have double digit growth this year and three will have better growth than the expected 7%+ industry average growth rate.

In all, 19 product categories will experience growth this year.

NAND flash (12%),), Industrial Applications Specific Analogue (12%), and 32-bit MCU (10%) and Display Drivers (10%) complete the double digit growth product categories.

The full table reads with the percentage of growth/decline:

Tablet MPU. 35
DRAM. 23
Cellphone App MPUs. 19
Ind. AS Analogue. 12
NAND. 12
32-bit MCU. 10
Display Drivers. 10
Auto AS Analogue. 8
Wired Comm Sp Purp Logic MPR. 8
Voltage Reg &Ref. 6
Wireless Comm AS Analogue. 6
Auto Sp Purp Logic. 5
PLDs. 5
Wireless Comm Sp Purp Logic/MPR 5
Std PC, Server, etc MPU. 3
Interface 2
Amplifiers/Comparators 1
Data Conversion
16-bit MCU. -1
General Purp Logic. -1
Standard Cell. -1
Ind/other Sp Purp Logic/MPR. -4
Computer & Peripherals S Purp Logic MPR -5
Wired Comn App Sp Analogue -5
4/8-bit MCU. -6
Consumer Sp Purp Logic/MPR. -8
Computer App Sp Analogue. -9
Consumer App Sp Anslogue -10
NOR -10
DSP. -17
Gate Array. -18
SRAM. -21

Demand for medical/health electronics systems and the growth in connectivity using the Internet will help the markets for Industrial/Other Application-Specific Analog and 32-bit MCU devices outpace total IC market growth in 2014.

Also, the “intelligent” car is another hot market for 32-bit MCUs, which are incorporated into driver information systems, throttle control, and semi-autonomous driving features such as self-parking, advanced cruise controls, and collision-avoidance systems.

In the next few years, complex 32-bit MCUs are expected to account for over 25% of the processing power in vehicles.

In a world that is increasingly wireless, the Wired Comm—Special Purpose Logic/MPR is forecast to grow 8%.

All wireless traffic eventually goes through high-speed cable transmission “backbone” networks.  Communications are routed over long distance via optical cable before getting to the cellular network on the other end.

All the mobile Internet, data, and video traffic has to go through a cable network and that is keeping the market for Wired Comm—Special-Purpose Logic/MPR devices growing at a steady pace.

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