IEF2011 – News Roundup

We roundup all the latest news and developments from the International Electronics Forum 2011 (IEF 2011) in Seville, reported by our man on the spot, components editor David Manners.

Hosted by the analysts Future Horizons, the conference runs from 5th - 7th October.

Friday 07 October

IEF2011: The necessity of valued uniqueness, by Hossein Yassaie
Useless technologies get created all too often, while valued uniqueness is all too rare, the CEO of Imagination Technologies, Hossein Yassaie, told the IEF2011 meeting in Seville this morning.

IEF2011: Combining life sciences with electronics is the future, says Cuomo
The race is to the highest volume producer, with the lowest costs, and the most advanced technology – just as it always was, Andrea Cuomo, senior vp at STMicroelectronics told the IEF2011 meeting, adding that the brightest future for the industry lies in the combination of life sciences and electronics.

EF2011: Japan's chip challenge
The Japanese semiconductor is facing a huge challenge. From 51% market share in the late 1980s, Japan’s market share has fallen 10% every decade since - to 41% in 1994, to 29% in 1998 and to 20% in 2010, pointed out J. J.Yamaguchi of Renesas.

IEF2011: The race to Zero X
The race is on to get to Zero X, Freescale’s Jean-Christophe Bodet told this morning’s IEF2011 meeting. Zero X is his term for a series of zero metrics in health, road safety, dropped communications links, automobile emissions and manufacturing quality which current technologies can already deliver but need cost reduction and efficient deployment.

IEF2011: ICs replace nuclear power plants
Applying chips to save domestic electricity in Italy would save the equivalent of the output of four nuclear power plants, Matteo Lo Presti of STMicroelectronics told the IEF2011 meeting in Seville this morning.

Thursday 06 October

IEF2011:TSMC, Future Horizons forecast 1% 2011 semi growth
Both TSMC and Future Horizons forecast 1% growth for the semiconductor industry this year at the IEF2011 meeting in Seville today.

IEF2011: HP to replace flash and SSD in 2013
HP intends to have an alternative technology to flash on the market in eighteen months, an alternative to DRAM in three to four years and, following DRAM, a replacement for SRAM, Stan Williams, Senior Fellow at HP.

IEF2011:Scaling no longer delivering cost reduction, says Mentor
Scaling is no longer delivering sufficient cost reduction and there’s not much hope of getting back to traditional Moore’s Law cost decreases purely by process technology advances, according to Joe Sawicki, vp and gm of the design to silicon division at Mentor Graphics.

IEF2011: Albany and Imec complementary on 450mm, says van den Hove
Imec sees the $4.4bn investment by the State of New York in collaboration with TSMC, Globalfoundries, IBM, Intel and Samsung in the College of Nanotechnology at Albany as a complementary initiative to Imec’s work on 450mm rather than as a rival group.

IEF2011: Shrinking is not enough, says TSMC's Maria Marced
Shrinking is not delivering enough cost savings, said Maria Marced, President of TSMC Europe, opening the IEF2011 conference in Seville this morning, if sufficient cost reductions are to be achieved, a larger wafer size is required in addition to continued scaling.

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