Intel matching Chinese tablet CPU vendors on price

Intel is charging customers about the same as Allwinner and Rockchip for tablet CPUs – $5 a pop, reports Digitimes. At that level they undercut MediaTek and Nvidia.


Intel Bay Trail tablet processor

As well as cheapo pricing Intel is offering design assistance, technology and marketing help to people who design in Intel tablet chips.

A little while back Bernstein Research estimated Intel would be subsidising its tablet slots to the tune of $51 per chip-set.

Since it has set a target of getting into 40 million tablets this year, that’s a cool $2 billion to get tablet makers to use Intel chips.

Of course it is being said that Intel wants to get into 60 million tablets this year which would cost it $3 billion in customer inducements.

And then of course there’s next year. If Intel withdraws its inducements next year, will customers stop using Intel tablet ICs?

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