Italian President vows to help Micron protesters

The President of the Italian Republic has met the striking Micron workers protesting about the decision of Micron Technology of Idaho to sack 40% of its Italian workforce.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano

The President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, met the Micron workers on a visit to STMicroelectronics’ site in Catania.

A Micron employee told EW: “The President has promised to talk to the government and to the EU to sustain our case.”

Carlo Bozotti, CEO of ST, accompanied Napolitano on his visit to Catania, and can be seen in this video behind the Italian President looking extremely embarrassed by the encounter with the Micron protesters.

Bozotti comes into frame at 1 minute 20 seconds from the start of the clip.

Bozotti should feel embarrassed because ST precipitated the current mess by forcibly transferring the Micron workers out of ST into the joint venture Numonyx which was later sold to Micron.

Micron workers have been demonstrating in Rome against the Micron sackings at sites in Avezzano, Arzano and Agrate.

Meanwhile Micron hides behind local management without the authority to negotiate terms, and ‘no comment’ statements from its PR people.

Speaking about the negotiations a Micron employee told EW: “The answer is always the same: ‘We’re not entitled to give that kind of answer’. It’s honestly embarrassing, from their side (who are however used to play the embarassing part, and will have their bonuses on this job) and humiliating and frustrating from the Unions.”

This is Amateur Night stuff. Micron is now the 4th largest semiconductor company in the world and can’t go on hiding behind the ‘Hicksville from Idaho’ approach without making itself look foolish.

Meanwhile Micron is still planning to terminate its Italian employees starting on April 7th.



  1. Former Numonyx Employee

    For perspective, shortly after the formation of Numonyx, the Italian management sacked over 80% of the United States R&D team. It’s just business.

  2. We were young and did not know Micron, Bozzotti knew her well and obligation un to leave ST ….

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