Japanese blamed for Italian sackings

Micron has replied to the letter from EC vice president Antonio Tajani asking Micron to delay the strike action in Italy until it explains its actions to the EU.

Micron letter to EC vice president Antonio Tajani - Facebook

Micron letter to EC vice president Antonio Tajani – Facebook

Tajani rather wittily posted the letter on his Facebook page.

The letter puts the blame for the sackings in Italy firmly on the Japanese, saying Micron’s takeover of Elpida precipitated the Italian sackings.

So, as well as insulting Italy by sacking 40% of its workforce in a 5% global workforce reduction, Micron has now put the blame for it on the Japanese while giving them fair warning of what’s going to happen to them when Micron has extracted from them what they want.

Batten down the hatches, Elpida!


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  1. This is the way Micron’s execs consider their employees the key of the Company success. …and who knows what will happen to the Elpida former employees at the expiry of the protection period? We vote for them a different ending!

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