Nikon takes lead on 450mm

With 450mm development stalled at ASML, Nikon is taking up the running with a 450mm immersion scheduled to be delivered to the Albany College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) In April 2025.

Paul A Farrar - CNSE

Paul A Farrar – CNSE

The tool should be up and running and patterning wafers in June in support of the G450C consortium for developing 450mm wafers.

G450C is headquartered at CNSE in Albany, New York. It is a public-private partnership designed in part to facilitate the transition to 450mm wafers.

This will enable G450C founding members and CNSE to perform 10nm

Last July, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $350 million partnership between Nikon Corporation and CNSE to develop next generation 450mm technology.

Nikon, Tokyo Electron, and CNSE have brought the tool online in less than 12 months.

CNSE vp Paul Farrar says, “Today’s announcement reaffirms the industry’s commitment to transitioning to 450mm wafer technology. To date, we have installed more than $350 million in 450mm wafer tools. With the arrival of the Nikon immersion photolithography tool, that investment will swell to over $700 million. Our equipment suppliers remain fully engaged with G450C, and our member companies continue to pledge their complete support through investments and technical assignees.”

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