NJR goes to UMC for MEMS foundry

New Japan Radio (NJR) is to use UMC for manufacturing MEMS microphones in addition to NJR’s own fabs at Fukuoka and Kawagoe.


NJR MEMS transducers

“Porting MEMS devices to foundry is extremely difficult since MEMS ICs contain mechanical modules, which cannot be electronically simulated as semiconductor devices,” says NJR’s Takaaki Murata, “UMC’s superior process control expertise and manufacturing capability ensured a perfect performance match, equal to that of our own mother fab.”

With UMC’s strong support, we expect NJR’s MEMS shipments to continue its growth, enabling us to gain market share.”

The MEMS microphone market is experiencing high growth, as conventional ECM (electro condenser microphone) is being phased out in favour of MEMS for today’s most popular smartphones.

To accommodate NJR’s current and future MEMS growth, UMC expanded its MEMS manufacturing capacity and resources, positioning the foundry as NJR’s joint process development centre for future generations of high performance MEMS for microphones and other applications.

J H Shyu, senior vice president of Production and Operation Integration at UMC, commented, “NJR has been a wonderful UMC partner for many years,” says UMC’s J H Shyu, “we have achieved several significant goals together, including the delivery of the world’s lowest noise OpAmp to market. It is a great pleasure to add another important area of corroboration in the form of MEMS devices.”

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