NXP workers down tools

Strikes are back in fashion again. After the strikes of Micron workers in Italy recently, NXP workers in Holland have gone on strike.

NXP Headquarters Eindhoven

NXP Headquarters Eindhoven

The Micron strikes happened when Micron management tried to sack 40% of its Italian workforce without severance pay after announcing a 5% global workforce reduction.

Now,  450 workers at NXP’s Nijmegen fab – representing 10% of its Dutch workforce – have gone on strike.

The NXP strike is against the management’s refusal to offer a pay rise equivalent to the inflation rate  plus 3%. i.e. a total of 4.7% because Dutch inflation is running at 1.7%.

It is said that the unions and management are not engaging in talks and that a new strike is set for March 12th and it is being said that more than 450 employees may join the March 12th strike.

Similar to the Micron situation – NXP have just announced good figures. Micron had a stellar year last year doubling revenues to $14.2 billion.

NXP had 2013 revenues of $4.8 billion up from $4.3 billion in 2012. It made a profit for the year of $348 million.

Image: NXP Headquarters in Eindhoven, Michaelkriek, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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  1. One of the problems is that NXP pays huge bonuses (in total millions of dollars) to their top management, while they tell the other employees the financial results are not good enough to pay their bonuses. And this, a few years in a row. Next to this there is a huge frustration about the appraisal system, where a certain percentage is forced to score below par (even if this is not true), and there is no room to award good performing employees. And last but not least for several years the salary of the employees is lagging behind companies like Phillips and ASML (and some very skilled people left NXP already, causing gaps in the R&D competences).

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