Pi Shurlok becomes Pi Innovo, continues to design in Cambridge

Pi Innovo has been formed following the recent management buyout of the UK and USA design engineering operations of Pi Shurlok, the South Africa-based control instruments group, which entered administration in October last year.

All managers in the old incarnation: Andrew Kirk and Walter Lucking are now the CEOs of UK and USA operations respectively, and Brandon Hucq is Group CFO.

“The Pi Innovo mission is to be the acknowledged expert partner for providing consistently innovative electronics systems to all vehicle and related industries,” said the company. “This will continue to be achieved for new and established customers via Pi Team services and OpenECU products. The major difference is the ability to partner with many manufacturing facilities rather than being tied to an in-house facility.”

Pi Team is the provision and management of teams that can perform any or all of the work required to develop a vehicle electronics system from concept to production.

OpenECU is a range of products and intellectual property designed to accelerate electronics system development.

It includes: hardware modules, prototyping accessories, electronic circuit libraries, platform software, model-based control strategies and application software.

The firm’s design facilities are in Cambridge UK and Michigan USA.

Pi Innovo Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pi Innovo Holdings Ltd.

Pi Shurlok LLC, previously a subsidiary of Pi Shurlok Ltd has continued to trade normally through this time unaffected.

Pi Innovo Holdings Ltd has acquired the membership interest in Pi Shurlok LLC and in due course, its name will become Pi Innovo LLC.

Pi Innovo Holdings Ltd was formed by the executive management of Pi Shurlok Ltd and Pi Shurlok LLC with external investor support.

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