Plextek restructures

Cambridge design consultancy Plextek is to separate its consultancy side from several lines of business including Plextek RF Integration, Telensa, Blighter and Redtail Telematics.

As of 1st January 2013, Plextek Group is chaired by co-founder Dr Colin Smithers. Simon Cassia has become CEO of the rebranded Plextek Consulting business, while Paul Martin and Henk Koopmans become CTO and CMO respectively.

“The restructuring of the group will allow us to provide a much more focused service to customers of each business line, and the consultancy business is especially adapting to meet the increasing market appetite for innovation,” said Chairman Smithers. “It recognises the portfolio nature of the present Plextek Group business. This is a significant move for us as we’re setting ourselves up for significant growth.”

Group co-founders Tim Jackson and Ian Murphy are concentrating on street lighting control spin-out Telensa, and cashless money transfer organisations RedCloud Technology, and Iceni Mobile Technology.

Blighter Surveillance Systems (previously Plextek Radar Group) continues to be led by Mark Radford, now as CEO, and Liam Devlin will become CEO of Plextek RF Integration, separating out the RF IC design business. Sister company Redtail Telematics continues as the branded outlet for Plextek’s telematics activities.

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