Recruitment start-up sees strength in manufacturing

A co-founder of one of the UK’s most successful electronic manufacturing companies of the past 20 years is putting his weight behind a recruitment agency focused on  electronic manufacturing and related supply chain markets.

Cubed i

Rob Fleming has worked with recruitment specialist Kate Hill

Rob Fleming has worked with recruitment specialist Kate Hill to create Cubed Resourcing in Wetherby, North Yorkshire.

The agency has set itself the the target of discovering emerging talent in middle management.

According to Kate Hill: “With rising consumer demand, competition is intensifying for the key people and skills necessary to capitalise on the upturn. The clamour is for a finite resource and being able to attract and retain it is critical for employers to meet the capacity and capability challenge.”

The aim, said Hill, is to encourage companies to be more proactive in their recruitment plans. “Firms must establish themselves as destinations of choice before competitors do,” said Hill.

Fleming, who was a co- founder of set-top box firm Pace, said he is still active in tech start ups and his involvement in Cubed will be “more than financial enabling and mentoring”.

Fleming said: “Shaped by industry for industry, the Cubed approach is one of joint enterprise and consultancy. We have strategic, nuanced relationships with employers that see us working with them on long term programmes. As such, we’re definitely not going to be on the periphery of things, only to be called upon to fill short term gaps. We’re about adding value to a client’s five year business plan, as well as its day-to-day needs.”


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