Renesas expands R-IN32M3

Renesas has expanded its R-IN32M3 series platform solution for industrial Ethernet protocols with an IAR Systems development kit and multiple Industrial Ethernet protocol stacks support.

Renesas r-in32m3

Renesas R-IN32M3

IAR Systems eases device evaluation with the release of its IAR KickStart Kit for R-IN32M3 SoCs.

The kit includes an R-IN board, an I-jet Lite debug probe and evaluation versions of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, as well as lots of protocol stacks.

The Smart Factory means that communication networks have become a critical component in improving production efficiency and real-time processing.

The number and complexity of industrial protocols like CC-Link IE, EtherCAT, PROFINET, etc., as well as a variety of applications, has led to long and complex development cycles.

Renesas’ R-IN32M3 series of devices improves industrial Ethernet network performance with optimised hardware accelerators, while reducing costs by supporting multiple protocols such as EtherCAT, CC-LinkIE, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, CANopen and others, from a single device. It can be used for real-time network communication in gateways, I/O controllers, PLCs/PACs, embedded controllers, industrial drives and countless other networked applications.

Key features of R-IN32M3 include:

ARM Cortex M3-based CPU subsystem clocked at 100 megahertz (MHz) clock speed
Hardware accelerators improve efficiency and offloads from the main CPU
Hardware real-time OS accelerator (HW-RTOS)
Hardware Ethernet accelerators (IP/TCP/UDP Check Sum, Header ENDEC, Buffer manager)
1.3 MB of on-chip RAM
EtherCAT or CC-Link IE slave controller on-chip (license free)
2-port real-time Gigabit switch, supports cut-through and store and forward operating modes, as well as support for IEEE1588 PTP and Device-Level-Ring (DLR) protocols
Dual-channel 10/100 Ethernet (with dual-channel PHY included, Note 1)
High-speed, real-time port with dedicated DMAC
Many peripherals and GPIOs

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