Salford manufacturer capitalises on vinyl record boom

Record Store Day takes place in the UK on Saturday April 19, and the queues which are expected to form outside local record shops signal a revivial in vinyl record sales.

GPO Memphis

GPO Memphis

Salford-based company, GPO says it has sold over 8,000 record turntables in the last year.

GPO launched its first turntable in January last year, and it will soon have five models of record players.

GPO began life esigning and manufacturing retro inspired telephones, then in 2013, company founders Gary Basso, Paul Conway and Neil and Lisette Hinde decided to manufacture radios and record players.

They tested the market with a turntable in the January 2013, and the then launched the GPO Memphis, a 50s inspired retro record player.

Over the next few months the Memphis began to pick up interest and was the point of interest as they showcased their range of products to buyers. The following November they launched the GPO Stylo, at under £40 an entry-level record player.

To date they have sold over 8,000 units and record players now represent 50% of GPO’s business.

“The vinyl revival has hit their period where people are more confident buying electronic equipment online than ever before,” said GPO co-founder Gary Basso.

“Five years ago they might have been cautious but now they know what to look out for. Both the audience and the stockists are just that bit more savvy about what they’re looking for,” said Basso.

According to co-founder Paul Conway: “We thought the record players with the right retro feel would tap into the same market and satisfy the same retailers as the retro GPO telephones but we weren’t expecting it to takeover. We get more enquiries about the record players than anything else”.

Record Store Day is a global phenomenon and one music start-up in the US is taking advantage of a boom in record sales and starting a new vinyl mail order service.

The Vinyl Me, Please service was foudned by Matt Fiedler in Chicago when he received his first record player for Christmas and was overwhelmed when trying to decide where to start his new vinyl collection.

The service selects and mails a record every month along with fancy artwork.

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