Silego launches load switch

Silego has introduced another member of its GreenFET3 load switch product line. The SLG59M1563V has an RDSON of 22.5 mΩ. It supports up to 2.5 A continuous current, reverse blocking, and is packaged in a 1.0 x1.6 mm STDFN package.

Silego SLG59M1563V

Silego SLG59M1563V

The load switch includes a power good output, integrated discharge, and over-temperature protection.

“Reverse blocking is a feature in some Silego load switches. Reverse blocking removes the current path if the device is reverse-biased,” says Silego’s Jay Li, “this is useful for battery powered applications to protect the system from current flowing in the wrong direction. Resolving this problem with discrete components requires two power MOSFETs, each typically larger than one device from Silego.”

Load switches are used to switch power rails while controlling surge currents at turn-on with linear ramps and reducing leakage on power rails when the system is off or hibernating.

These devices also replace the larger power MOSFETs and their associated control circuitry, often at the same cost and with lower RDSON.

Target Applications include: Smartphone Power Rail Switching; Tablet Power Rail Switching;
Notebook Power Rail Switching

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