Silego launches new CMIC

Silego has launched a new Configurable Mixed-signal IC (CMIC) in the flagship GreenPAK (GPAK) family.

Silego SLG46120

Silego SLG46120 block diagram

Silego’s GPAK family of NVM Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix devices enables many system functions such as system reset, power sequencing, voltage sensing, interface, and miscellaneous logic while minimizing component count, board space, and power consumption.

The SLG46120V maximizes the GPIO and functionality available in the incredibly small 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.55 mm 10-GPIO STQFN package. This device builds upon the 8-GPIO SLG46110V to expand the range of designs that can be addressed in such a small device.

SLG46120V projects use the GPAK development hardware and GPAK Designer.

“An upgrade path from the SLG46110V, the SLG46120V allows our customers to implement more complex and demanding functions,” says Silego’s Nathan John.s

Target Applications include:
• Consumer Electronics
o Wearables
o Portable: Tablets, Smartphones, Notebooks
o PCs and PC peripherals
• Commercial and Industrial Electronics
o Servers
o Embedded PCs
o Data Communications Equipment

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