Silego upgrades configurable mixed signal family

Silego Technology has introduced more devices in its one-time programmable GreenPAK (GPAK) Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix family.

Silego SLG46721

Silego SLG46721

GPAK integrates common discrete ICs and passive components into a single device.

The SLG46721 and SLG46722 represent the highest level of functionality, an increased number of I/Os per device (18) and the highest level of performance in the GPAK family.

Higher precision on the oscillator frequency and higher precision on the analog accuracy will dramatically expand the range of applications that can use the SLG46721 and SLG46722 as a replacement for discrete analog, digital and passive devices.

GPAK Designer software allows the designer to work in a simple GUI interface for development.

300m GPAK devices have shipped since the introduction of the family in 2009.

“Our goal with the SLG46721 and SLG46722 is to allow customers to integrate 30 components!” says Silego’s Nathan John, “Silego CMICs (Configuable Mixed-Signal ICs) will give a designer the opportunity to dramatically reduce the power consumption of their board

Starting with more I/O, every type of resource on these devices has been expanded to allow for more complex customer designs.

In addition, the oscillator and analog accuracy have been improved for greater system benefit.

These new devices will support a host of applications, including power supply sequencing, sensor interfaces, programmable resets, and lighting control.”

The SLG46721V and SLG46722 are packaged in a 20-pin (2 x 3 x 0.55 mm) STQFN package.

Target applications include;
• Consumer: Tablets, Smartphones and Notebooks where space, cost, and design security are a premium.
• Industrial: Motor control, point of sale devices, sensor interface, peripheral boards and embedded PCs
• Telecom: Power supply sequencing and voltage monitoring.
• Internet of things
• Scientific instruments
• Medical devices

Silego’s claim is that the design system allows you to integrate 20 components in 20 minutes for 20 cents.

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