Silicon Image Is ahead of the game

Silicon Image is ahead of the market for MHL3 connectivity ICs and single chip beam-steering 60GHz Transceivers.

The company has been a leading developer of standards for HDMI, MHL and Wireless HD and it exploits its early understanding of new standards to produce chip-sets which implement the standards before other players can get their ICs onto the market.

A couple of months ago Silicon Image said it was going for the small cell wireless back haul market with two single-chip CMOS beam-steering 60GHz RF transceivers, integrating transmitter, baseband, RF and antenna array, under its UltraGig brand which addresses Wireless HD.

The company is waiting for WiGig to become more established before it uses its 60GHz technology to address that standard.

Silicon Image is also ahead of the market with an MHL3 chip where it is the only company with an announced IC addressing that standard.

MHL3 is the standard for 4k resolution streaming, also called Ultra HD, which, says Silicon Image, will be incorporated in a ten inch tablet by the end of this year.

Next year, says the company, 4k resolution will be incorporated in smartphones. “MHL changes a smartphone into a gaming console,” says Silicon Image’s David Kuo.

Although Silicon Image tries to get its chips out before the competition, when the first implementation of MHL was originally introduced about four years ago, it had competitors’ chips chasing it within three or four months.

The company makes 80% of its revenues from selling chips and about 20% selling IP.

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