Soitec plant opens the door for solar power in Italy

Soitec says it has completed construction and grid connection for the largest concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) solar power plant in Italy.

Located in the Belpasso municipality in the Catania province in Sicily, the 1.17-megawatt-peak (MWp) facility is now ready to generate electricity for the local power grid.

According to the French solar technology firm, the construction of the facility “paves the way for many other CPV plants to be developed in Italy”.

The power plant will generate enough electricity to supply approximately 300 homes per year and is expected to offset more than 125 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions per year.

“Completing this solar power plant marks a major milestone for Soitec in Italy while also demonstrating all of CPV’s advantages in this part of the world,” said Gaetan Borgers, executive vice president of Soitec’ Solar Energy division.

It is equipped with 74 of Soitec’s high-efficiency CPV trackers, each using 168 Concentrix CPV modules, along with two central inverters of 500 kW each to ensure reliable power distribution to the grid.

The system is designed to maximise energy production throughout the day by incorporating multi-junction solar cells and dual-axis tracking systems that maintain an optimal angle to the sun, said Soitec.

“This project has allowed us to show that CPV’s leading efficiency and ability to provide a steady, long-term energy supply without consuming excessive amounts of land and water make it exactly the right technology for Italy,” said Borgers.

Owned and operated by Soitec, the new solar plant will supply electricity to Enel, Italy’s largest power company.

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