Spansion licenses patents to S K Hynix

Spansion has licensed its patents to SK Hynix which will fab Spansion’s SLC NAND products at the 4x, 3x, and 2x nodes starting this quarter.

Spansion’s NAND products are targeted at embedded applications such as automotive, industrial and telecommunications.

Spansion plans to introduce a family of NAND products over the next few quarters.

“Our co-operation with SK Hynix will enable us to expand our leadership in the embedded market with serial NOR, parallel NOR and now SLC NAND products,” says John Kispert, CEO of Spansion.

Spansion has had a foundry deal with S K Hynix for some years.

Spansion will continue developing its charge-trapping NAND technology.

“We look forward to partnering with Spansion and leveraging each other’s strengths,” said Oh Chul Kwon, President and CEO of SK Hynix. “Together we can deliver innovative NAND products to the embedded market- combining Spansion’s leadership position and established customer relationships across multiple embedded segments with SK Hynix’s NAND manufacturing size and scale.”

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