ST’s Works Council asks ST to take on sacked Micron researchers

The STMicroelectronics Works Council (EWC) has called on ST to find employment for the 419 researchers to be laid off by Micron on April 7th.

At the annual meeting of the EWC a resolution was passed saying: “We ask STM for a tangible and immediate commitment, so that this strategic business of microelectronics in Italy is preserved with new industrial projects able to take advantage of the high professionalism and expertise dropped by Micron, also by making use of Italian and European public funding.”

The EWC details the series of events which forced ST R&D staff into employment by Micron. “In 2010, Numonyx, a company set up following the separation of the memory business of STMicroelectronics that occurred in 2007, was sold by STM to Micron; such operation was endorsed by the Italian Government. With this act, which took place without any union mediation, STM collected several hundred million dollars and gradually lost interest in the future of his former employees.”

The EWC resolution continues: “Nowadays, Micron announces 419 redundancies, that means a 40% cut of its workforce employed in Italy, and is not giving any substantial guarantees to all remaining employees, indicating that it wants to leave Italy. STM and the Italian Government must take on their own social responsibilities and they should deal with the problem of employment generated by Micron, similarly to what STM and the French Government did when faced with the failure of the project ST-Ericsson.”

The EWC concludes: “Recalling a headline very popular in STM: PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE; we consider people the true added value of companies.”

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