Universities adapt to support more engineers

For engineer students, creating the right environment requires universities and industry to pull together, says Dr Kate Sugden, Undergraduate Programme Director, Electrical, Electronic and Power Engineering, Aston University

Mitsubishi Electric is targeting pico projectors with a red laser diode which it claims has the highest output power in the 638nm wavelength band.

Pico projectors are being used by mobile phone and laptop designers to create a large area display capability in a small battery-powered terminal.

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Laser diodes are used as well as LEDs as the light source in these projectors because they can project a wider range of colours compared to lamp-based projectors.

Lasers deliver higher output power than LEDs with less power consumption. They also enable focus-free operation because optical systems with great depth of field can be used with laser beams.

Last year, Mitsubishi Electric launched a 638nm laser diode with 300mW output power.

This latest laser diode offers an even higher output power of 500mW, which could be used in high-luminous projectors of up to 60 lumens (lm).

By comparison, LED-based projectors typically offer only about 10 lm.

Power efficiency is 32% at 500mW.

The ML520G72 laser diode can also be operated at a temperature range of -5 to 40 degrees C when emitting 500mW continuous waves, and up to 50 degrees C under pulse operation at a duty ratio of 25% or less and frequency of 50Hz or higher.

Sample shipments will begin on February 1.

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