US takes 53% worldwide semi market share

The Americans continue to dominate the industry they invented taking a 53% worldwide semiconductor market share, according to IC Insights. It is the third year in a row that US companies have held a 50%+ market share.

The only other country to ever hold 50% semiconductor market share was Japan, in the mid-80’s, then the US-Japan semiconductor trade Pact and a massive boost to productivity from the industry collaboration Sematech wrested back US market leadership by the end of the decade.mid-80’s

IC Insights instances the strong performances of ON, Qualcomm, Skyworks, LSI, and Intel as driving American market share up by 3% in 2011.

After the US come Japan and Korea on 16% with Korea slightly ahead – the first time it has overtaken Japan, followed by Europe on 7% and Taiwan on 6%. China is on 1.6% – a share that grew 0.2% on 2010 on the back of the success of its fabless IC suppliers like HiSilicon and Spreadtrum.

Although South Korean companies, primarily Samsung and Hynix, continue to be greatly influenced by the fortunes of the memory market, they have gained more than two points of marketshare since 2009.

Taiwanese companies lost just over one point of marketshare in 2011 due to the extreme weakness of the DRAM market and the corresponding sales decline by that country’s memory suppliers (e.g., Powerchip, ProMOS, and Nanya). While China continues to attract foreign IC production to its country (e.g., TSMC, Intel, and Samsung), its indigenous IC suppliers held only 1.6% of the worldwide IC market.

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