Wolfson adopts zooming audio recording from Audyssey

Wolfson Microelectronics and Audyssey Laboratories of California have teamed-up offer phone makers ‘audio zooming’ to partner video capability on smartphones.



The aim is to port Audyssey’s AudioFrame recording technology to Wolfson’s ‘Audio Hub’ audio sub-system chips for phones. The chips include audio routing, codecs, and DSP.

“With AudioFrame, the recorded audio signal dynamically adjusts to match the video zoom, focusing on the action within the frame and filtering out superfluous, unrelated sounds and noise,” claimed Wolfson. “The result is a recording where the audio matches the video. Unlike traditional beam-forming methods that require four to eight microphones to be effective, AudioFrame enables recording with just two microphones.”

Wolfson’s pitch for Audio Hubs is that they off-load audio processing duties from a phone’s application processor and are application processor-agnostic, which allows OEMs to spread similar high-end audio features up and down their phone ranges regardless of application processor performance or lineage. Customers have the choice to run their own software, Wolfson’s suite of sound enhancement and noise reduction software, or third-party software such as AudioFrame.

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