Zytronic adds engineers for touch sensor research

Zytronic, a manufacturer of touch sensors, is expanding its R&D team at Tyne & Wear in the UK with experienced engineers to work on touchscreen development.

“The first new additions complement our current team with the right mix of experience, skills and applications focus,” said Zytronic’s technical director Dr. Andrew Morrison.

“We are in the process of recruiting two additional engineers now, and are planning to expand the team further in 2012,” said Morrison.

Joining the company are Phil Rudland and Neil Bond.

Rudland is a software engineer who started out at Cambridge University specialising in electronics and control theory.

He completed his Masters in Engineering in 1999. In the past 10 years he has gained strong embedded and programming skills at Philips Applied Technologies.

Neil Bond is a development engineer with 15 years of experience in the electrical and electronics industries including involvement in the production, design, test, and calibration and commissioning of a wide variety of projects.

Previously he held positions at Tyco Thermal Controls, Newarc Equipment, Canford Audio, Nada Electronics and trained at ACDC Electrical.

Zytronic products include touch sensor technologies, optical filters for enhanced performance and protection, and special filters to minimise electromagnetic emissions. They are used in electronic displays for information kiosks, web phones and gaming machines, as well as by military, telecoms medical and lighting OEMs.


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