Fujitsu’s fab lettuce

Fujitsu is growing and selling low-potassium lettuce in a 2000 square metre former clean room at its fab in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture.

Fujitsu plans to branch out into spinach as part of its Kirei Yasai (Clean Vegetable) programme which it plans will have $3 million in revenues by 2016.

Fujitsu asked its chip engineers to turn their hands to lettuce growing which they have done to great success.

The lettuce has less than 100 mg of potassium per 100 g compared with 490 mg for regular leaf lettuce. It costs more than twice as much as regular lettuce but tastes better and lasts longer.

Sharp, JFE Holdings and Olympus are also growing vegetables in former factories. Sharp is growing strawberries in Dubai.

Apparently factory-produced food worth $223 million was sold in Japan last year.

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