Full-duplex Wi-Fi developer raises $25m

Kumu Networks, the full-duplex Wi-iFi developer, has completed a Series C funding round raising another $25 million from Cisco, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom to add to the $20.4 million raised in its Series A and B funding rounds.

Full-duplex Wi-Fi developer raises $25m

Five year-old Kumu says that its full-duplex Wi-Fi technology allows radios to both transmit and receive on the same frequency by cancelling out transmitter interference which doubles the efficiency of spectrum use.

Among carriers, Deutsche Telecom is testing the technology. According to Deutsche Telecom vice-president Rachid El Hattachi the technology “offers significant advantages and removes roadblocks from wireless endeavours as diverse as LTE Advanced, general radio frequency planning and future standards and protocols”.

Earlier investors in Kumu – New Enterprise Associates, Vinod Khosla and Third Point Ventures – all participated in this latest, Series C, funding round.

Kumu was founded in 2011 by a group of academics from Stanford University.

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