Globalpress Summit: SiTime heads into handhelds

SiTime the silicon timing specialist, is moving into the handheld market this year, the company’s CEO Rajesh Vashist, told the Summit.

“We’re heading into handheld,” said Vashist, “we’ll have product and samples by the end of this year. It gives us a $600m market to go after.”

That adds to the $2bn resonator market, the $1.6bn oscillator market and the $2bn clock generator market, all of which SiTime currently addresses

SiTime continues its all-out attack on quartz, having shipped 100m units. That doesn’t seem a lot in a 17bn unit annual timing market, but Vashist is confident silicon will win.

“Semiconductors always win against non-semiconductor technology,” he says, “MEMS timing will rapidly replace quartz.”

Silicon timing development has been astonishing, claims SiTime. Stability, at 25ppm in 2006 is now 0.1ppm; there’s been a 300x improvement in jitter from 150 picosecs to 0.5 picosecs in the last five years; and it’s 13x – 500x more reliable than quartz.

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