GloFo launches RF SOI PDK

GlobalFoundries has brought out PDKs with an interoperable co-design flow to help chip designers deliver RF front-end ICs made on GloFo’s most advanced RF SOI technology – 7SW SOI – which is optimised for multi-band RF switching.

The challenges of high-frequency and large-signal design have increased the need for an interoperable co-design flow. Designed for use with Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA software, GloFo’s 7SW SOI PDKs allow designers to edit their designs in ADS using a single Si2 OpenAccess database without any interference.

The RFIC interoperability simplifies the design process by enabling the user to work from a single design database in ADS. This allows the user to edit and simulate schematic designs created in ADS. The same is true for layout where, for example, a user can open an IC layout cell view in ADS, instantiate the cell within a package or module, and then run an electromagnetic simulation on the complete design to validate its overall system performance.

“After releasing the first co-design PDK for our 5PAe silicon germanium offering, we are now extending our coverage of ADS PDK to our most advanced RF SOI technology, 7SW SOI. Our 7SW platform, with superior LNA, switch devices, and trap-rich substrates, offer improved devices reception, interference rejection, and battery life for fewer dropped calls and longer talk time,” says GloFo’s Peter Rabbeni, “our RF SOI technology has gained significant industry traction for cellular front-end module applications, and the new RFIC interoperability feature will allow us to provide our 7SW customers additional design flexibility with a single PDK.”

“GLOBALFOUNDRIES customers can now access ADS’ dedicated RF design flow tools based on an OpenAccess based silicon PDK,” said Keysight’s Volker Blaschke, “the new interoperability feature facilitates the design process by using a single OpenAccess design data library, removing redundant steps of keeping the design across different EDA environments in sync.”

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