Call for papers for EU research project CATRENE

First call for papers for the €6bn, four year, 4,000 person-year, EU research project CATRENE is made today.

This first call will open from February 29, 2008 and close on April 23, 2008. Project labelling is planned for September 30, 2008.

CATRENE covers the same areas as another EU research project called ENIAC (European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council) but, while ENIAC is nationally funded, CATRENE is funded by a mixture of national and EC funding.

CATRENE (Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe) is headed up by Jozef Cornu, who has led a change of thinking.

Cornu’s idea is to work on achieving leading positions for Europe in a number of key applications areas.

This is to be done by defining a number of headline projects, called ‘Lighthouse Projects’ will which require, for their successful accomplishment, the completion of many subsidiary projects focused on particular technological targets.

The areas where CATRENE hopes to give Europe a leading position are, said Cornu: Communications, Security, Transportation, Healthcare, Energy and Environmental Protection, Entertainment and Infotainment.

For instance in the latter group, a lighthouse project will be for 3D television. In the healthcare group, there will be projects aimed at implanted hearing aids, artificial vision, pacemakers, artificial livers and insulin dispensers.

“We have to tell society and the public authorities that this is an industry which can make a big contribution to supporting them. So we structured the programme so it’s driven by societal needs,” says Cornu.

According to a CATRENE official, Cornu’s approach proved attractive to the European public authorities who recognise that the public might be lukewarm towards developing a new generation of lithographic machine, but can be enthusiastic about technological achievements in medical electronics and entertainment.

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