CES: Low power gesture control for mobiles

Murata Electronics has announced that Elliptic Labs, the developer of ultrasonic touchless gesturing for consumer electronics devices, will be using its transducers.

Murata and Elliptic will be demoing touchless gesturing this week at the Consumer Electronic Show 2013, in Las Vegas.

Elliptic’s approach uses sound waves, microphones and transducers to sense movement, similar to how radar detects objects.

“Ultrasonic touchless technology uses up to 95% less power than current camera image-based gestural systems, making it an attractive option for manufactures of battery-powered portable devices,” said the company.

Elliptic Labs is a privately held company founded in 2006 by researchers from the signal-processing environment at the University of Oslo.

The company’s initial research background was in echo-management systems for multi-antenna mobile communication.

“We have been seeing tremendous momentum in the gesture market,” said Laila Danielsen, VP of business development at Elliptic.

A starter-kit from Elliptic includes an Elliptic SDK with hardware that includes Murata’s transducer.




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