CES: Wolfson audio goes wearable

Wolfson Microelectronics is working with audio processing company ComHear to develop chips for the wearable consumer audio applications.

Wolfson’s Ez2 suite

Wolfson’s Ez2 suite

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The first product to be released, a Wolfson reference design headset integrates ComHear’s Kinetic Audio Processing (KAP) software onto Wolfson’s WM8280 Audio Hub with ambient noise cancellation (ANC).

The KAP software is designed to “improve the user’s perception of bass, spatial imaging and high frequencies, providing an immersive audio experience and eliminating the “in head” effect which can be common with headsets”.

Wolfson’s WM8280 chip with integrated audio digital signal processor features earpiece and stereo headphone ANC. It will run Wolfson’s Ez2 suite of noise reduction software or third party software.

According to Alistair Banham, general manager, customer solutions business at Wolfson Microelectronics: “ComHear is a fresh, innovative and extremely exciting new player on the audio scene, with an incredibly experienced team behind it.”

The companies will show the first collaborative audio product at CES in Las Vegas this week.




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