HP secures Android mobiles with Green Hills Software

HP ServersHP is offering secure Android mobile devices to the UK public sector built with Green Hills Software’s SoftwareINTEGRITY Multivisor virtualization technology.

As part of a partnership with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (UK), Green Hills Software is piloting a secure mobile device initiative combining HP’s secure mobility end-to-end service and Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Multivisor security technology.

“The separation kernel-based Type-1 hypervisor delivers security that cannot be achieved with mobile OS-level mechanisms through application wrapping, containers, access control and encrypted workspaces,” said the companies.

There are estimated to be over 1.3 million mobile devices in the UK public sector.

“Our separation kernel-based Type-1 hypervisor isolates at the hardware level, providing users with confidence in personal privacy while ensuring security and protection of critical enterprise information,” said Christopher Smith, vice president of marketing, Green Hills Software.

Green Hills Software has started independent test assessments in order to achieve Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) Certification for its trusted mobile solution.

CPA Certification is awarded to security products that have been successfully tested against security standards defined by CESG, the UK Government Communications-Electronics Security Group.

“Our UK public sector clients have been searching for secure mobile solutions for IL2+ environments for some time,” said Dion Smith, director of operations, enablement and innovation, HP UK Public Sector. “As a result of our collaboration with Green Hills, HP is able to offer a trusted solution for the UK public sector.”

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