Intel has 2015 revenues of $55bn

Intel reported Q4 revenues of $14.9 billion and full year 2015 revenues of $55.4 billion.

Intel has 2015 revenues of $55bnQ4 net income  was $3.6 billion.

In Q4, PC revenues were up 3% at $8.8 billion, Data Centre was up 4% at $4.3 billion,  IoT revenues were up 8% at $625 million, software and services revenue of $543 million was down 2% and non-volatile memory was flat.

$525 million was spent to in Q4 to buy back 17 million shares.

Intel ended Q4 with $25.3 billion in cash/investments, and $22.7 billion in debt.

Inventories were up $900 million y-o-y to $5.2 billion.

In Q1 Intel expects revenue of $14.1 billion.

Capex for the year is set at $9.5 billion.

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