EUV at 60wph by year-end, says ASML, 20nm demand starts this year.


ASML’s Q1 sales were about the same as Q4 with 47 new machines and five old machines sold compared to 35 new and 6 old in Q4. Profit was €282m. Gross margin is about the same at 43%.

“The sales trend is driven mainly by demand from foundries and IDMs, which will represent the majority of our sales in the next two quarters,” says Eric Meurice, CEO of ASML, “the demand for 28nm from the logic segment continues to be large and structural; it will be accompanied by the start of pre-production capacity for 20 nm. Later in the year, we expect to see technology demand for sub-20 nm NAND memory and sub-30 nm DRAM memory.”


Compared with Q1 2011, however, profit was down 28% and sales down 13.8%.

Bookings, excluding EUV bookings were up at €865 compared to €710 for Q4 and the ASP for the 36 machines booked in Q1 bookings was €24m compared to €19m for the 37 machines sold in Q4.


The backlog is €1.6bn representing 56 machines compared to Q4’s backlog of €1.7bn representing 71 machines. Cash is slightly up at €3bn, and ASML expects sales of  €1.2bn in Q2 and €2.4bn for H12012.


Six of its latest EUV machines the NXE:3100, are operational. The EUV light source has been demo-ed at 30W. The company’s objective is to be at 60 wafers per hour by the end of the year.


The first of  the 3100’s successor machine, the NXE:3300B, is expected to ship in Q4. Eleven of them have been ordered.

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