Infineon to make CoolMOS power semis on thin 300mm wafers


Infineon has got customer go-aheads for manufacturing power semiconductors on 300mm thin wafers in its CoolMOS family.

CoolMOS is  produced by the 300mm line at Villach. The production process has completed qualification from start to finish and customers have given the go-ahead.

“Infineon put its faith in this manufacturing technology very early on and continued to invest even in economically difficult times. We think and act with foresight and are now reaping the benefits: The qualification of our entire 300-millimeter line represents a veritable leap ahead of the competition,” says Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon, “300-millimeter thin-wafer manufacturing for power semiconductors will enable us, with the corresponding demand, to seize the opportunities that the market offers.”

Infineon says it is the first and only company worldwide to produce power semiconductors on 300mm thin wafers which deliver two and a half more ICs than 200mm wafers.


The CoolMOS power semiconductors feature low energy loss and compact design. Although not much thicker than a sheet of paper, the chips have electrically active structures on the front and back. Thin-wafer technology is the basis for this.

Dresden fab

The next step is for the present manufacturing to be expanded to Infineon’s Dresden fab.


The technology transfer to Dresden is running on schedule and qualification of the first CoolMOS products will be completed in March.


Shortly, in Villach more power semiconductor technologies will be transferred to the line and produced. The development of the next power technology generation will focus on 300 instead of 200mm technology.

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