Manufacturer says Europe is competitive again

UK-based electronics manufacturer AWS has increased investment and expanded facilities in its operation in Slovakia.

Slovakia SMT Line4

Slovakia SMT Line4

Business in Europe has picked up since the region has become more price-competitive with other parts of the world.

The upturn in business has experienced has come from existing customers moving all or part of their work streams to Slovakia to benefit from lower costs.

The contract manufacturer is also seeing some re-shoring from S.E Asia into eastern Europe.

“We recognise that many of our customers are under pressure to regularly review pricing structures in order to remain competitive in today’s fast-moving and challenging business environment. We have been able to alleviate some of this pressure through offering low-cost manufacturing in Slovakia,” said Paul Deehan, AWS Group CEO.

“Our expanded facility in Slovakia is now fully self sufficient – all equipment mirrors that within our UK facility,” said Deehan.

AWS’s facility in Slovakia has the same equipment as its UK site, plus slightly more surface mount production capacity.

Five lines with thirteen pick- and-place machines can place down to 010005’s, and on-site process capabilities include X-Ray, Flying Probe, Mertec AOI, Robotic ultrasonic wash, selective and automated conformal coating, potting, encapsulation and cable over-moulding.

AWS predicts that the trend for re-shoring or dual sourcing with a presence in CEE will to continue over the next few years, particularly as its cost structure from the Slovakia facility is amongst the lowest in the EU and comparable with countries such as China and Malaysia.

Over the last two years, total investment has amounted to more than £2m.

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