Market pull moves LEDs to 6in wafers

Osram is switching fabrication of red, orange and yellow LEDs to 6in wafers.

Osram 6in InGaAlP wafer

According to the Regensburg based company this is a first, as it claims was its move to 4in wafers many years ago.

“The demand for light emitting diodes in red, orange and yellow continues to grow. We are keeping pace with this demand by being the first manufacturer in the world to switch fabrication to 6in wafers, thereby also expanding our capacity”, said Osram Opto Semiconductors CEO Aldo Kamper. “The switch will involve all product families and was initiated at the start of the year.”

Red, yellow and orange chips will be fabricated at the company headquarters in Regensburg on an indium gallium aluminium phosphide (InGaAlP, also known as AlInGaP) process.

InGaN chips for blue, green and white LEDs are also produced there, as well as in Penang, Malaysia.

Osram InGaAlP red and yellow are used in vehicle turn indicators, brake lights, projections displays, and signage, as well as colour mixing and red-boosting in general lighting.

“Experience from 6in wafer production so far has flowed directly into the current process, as have the results from the projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research – the ‘GallEff’ project and ‘Greight’ project for scaling InGaN wafers,” said Osram.

The firm is looking at even larger wafer diameters and alternative substrates.

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