Top 25 fabless companies

Nine fabless semiconductor companies had sales of $1bn or more in 2009, according to IC Insights, with 17 out of the top 25 fabless companies, and nine of the top ten, based in America.

Compared to the top ten IDMs, which have approximately $100bn in collective revenues, the top ten fabless companies account for approximately $30bn of collective revenues.

If you take Intel’s $32bn revenues out of the equation, the collective revenues of the top ten fabless companies are only about half those of the top ten IDMs.

Fabless companies now represent 23% of the global semiconductor market. In the past decade, fabless companies’ revenues have been growing at 15% CAGR, while IDMs have grown 2%. By 2014, IC Insights reckons that fabless IC companies will have ‘at least’ 27% of the global semiconductor market.

Only one Japanese company made it into the 2009 top 25 fabless rankings – MegaChips. ‘It is obvious that the fabless/foundry business model has not significantly caught on in Japan,’ comments IC Insights.

MediaTek of Taiwan made it into fourth position in the fabless rankings, behind Qualcomm, AMD and Broadcom with a 22% increase in sales in 2009.

Four of the five top-25 fabless IC suppliers which had double-digit increase in sales in 2009 were Taiwanese.

Eight of the 11 top-25 companies that registered a double-digit decline in sales were American.

AMD entered the fabless ranking for the first time, coming in at No.2, having divested its fabs to Globalfoundries in 2009.

Top 25 Fabless Semiconductor Companies [09 Rev ($bn)]

  1. Qualcomm 6.6
  2. AMD 5.3
  3. Broadcom 4.2
  4. MediaTek 3.5
  5. Nvidia 3.1
  6. Marvell 2.7
  7. Xilinx 1.7
  8. LSI 1.4
  9. Altera 1.2
  10. Avago 0.87
  11. Novatek 0.819
  12. Himax 0.685
  13. Realtek 0.615
  14. Mstar 0.605
  15. CSR 0.600
  16. QLogic 0.530
  17. Atheros 0.530
  18. PMC-Sierra 0.495
  19. MegaChips 0.480
  20. Silicon Lab 0.440
  21. Zoran 0.345
  22. SMSC 0.280
  23. Semtech 0.250
  24. Ricktek 0.244
  25. Conexant 0.240

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