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Getting market intelligence on electric vehicles

IDTechEx has launched a new browser-based “Electric Vehicle Market Intelligence Portal” providing analysis of the total electric vehicles market for land, water and air.

Electric vehicle companies across the value chain are profiled, analysed and benchmarked using the IDTechEx Index.

There are also articles offering latest research providing distilled…

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Cloud spending will hit $235bn in 2017

As more businesses move their information technology services to the cloud revenues are predicted to increase three-fold from 2011 to 2017, according to market-watcher IHS Technology.

Global business spending for infrastructure and services related to the cloud could be $174.2bn this year which will represent a 20…

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IoT and 5G could be a wireless nightmare for operators

Mobile operators are walking in to a ‘perfect storm’ of commercial and technology challenges, according to Real Wireless, the consultants behind the UK spectrum auction.

This is the conclusion from new market analysis of the wireless industry in 2014 and beyond, from 5G to small cells, spectrum, backhaul and the…

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Industrial chip market grows strongly in US, China and Europe

The global market for industrial semiconductors had a strong year in 2013 and revenues were significantly up from the previous year, according to a new report from IHS Technology.

Global industrial electronics chip revenue $33.7bn in 2103 which was 11% up on 2012.

Growth is predicted to continue and…

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Technologies to be big in 2014

Will 2014 be the year of the solar-powered family saloon? Ford has a concept car, called C-MAX Solar Energi Concept, which was developed with Sun Power and Georgia Tech.

Ford wants to find out if it will be a feasible product for production. The car is said to…

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Better broadband is better for economy than bigger airports, says survey

People in the UK believe that extending the geographic reach of superfast broadband is more important to the economy than increased airport capacity.

A survey for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) showed that just 17% of respondents thought that building new airports would benefit the UK economy while…

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Wireless infrastructure $50bn next year

The wireless infrastructure market will hit $50bn in 2014, said analyst Engalco-Research in a report which puts the global market for end-user equipment using RF and microwave devices at $500bn last year, of which $40bn was infrastructure.

“The value of global production for all electronic equipment in 2012…

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Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific lead race to LTE mobile

LTE is out of the experimental stage and is being deployed worldwide, according to a new market report by Analysys Mason.

Trials show a growing base of LTE in Europe as well as emerging Asia Pacific (APAC) markets of China, India and Malaysia.

Analysys Mason estimates that 59 LTE network…

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