OLED display market will jump to $4.5bn

The OLED (organic LED) market is due to enter a phase of high growth driven largely by the Active Matrix (AMOLED) market, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts.

The report predicts that the global market for OLED displays will exceed $4.5bn by 2010.

The Active-Matrix OLED displays will represent the burgeoning segment in the total OLED display market. Revenues from this segment are expected to overtake passive-matrix segment and will achieve a share of about 84% of the total OLED market value by 2010, said Global Industry Analysts.

Revenues from the Active-Matrix OLEDs segment could pass the $2.7bn mark by 2009.

According  to the report, the factors driving the exponential growth include faster response time and higher contrast in comparison with conventional displays, blur-free video motion, 180-degree viewing angle, thinner design and potentially lower manufacturing costs.

Key players listed in the report include Samsung SDI, LG Electronics, RiTdisplay, Tohoku Pioneer, Univision Technology, and TDK.

The report also analyses the OLED displays market by segments including mobile, MP3 player, wearable, car audio and digital camera.

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