Unmanned electric aircraft in the field

Flying drones, quadcopters and other multicopters, are being used in agriculture for spotting disease and underwatering.



The deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for agriculture is growing significantly in Germany and other parts of Europe, according to a report by IDTechEx.

There are similarities with the US, where university students, entrepreneurs and established UAV manufacturers create these high-tech eyes and sensors in the sky for agricultural use.

“Many technologies are available in both Europe and the US and in the US, most of the manufacturers promise that prices will decline in the future as long as increased demand goes hand in hand with less restrictive federal regulations,” said IDTechEx.

New technologies will be seen in and on them, from smart skin to structural components and intelligent motors with integral gearing.

For long range UAVs where batteries are inadequate and hybrid powertrains are necessary, there can still be silent take-off and landing.

Only electrics can give us new forms of UAV; intelligently swarming robot flies being just one example of new missions made possible by electric power in UAVs.

The IDTechEx report, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Electric UAVs 2014-2024  covers fixed wing, airship, VTOL, quadcopter and other multicopter drones, amphibians/diving and robot bat, bird and fly. It concludes that thousands of UAVs will be deployed very soon for both civil and military missions.


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