Mobile Phone Battle Will Be Decided By Apps, says Will Strauss


The battle to establish the dominant mobile phone operating system will be decided by apps, Will Strauss, CEO of Forward Concepts, told the Silicon South-West Wireless 2.0 conference in Bristol this morning.

At the moment, Apple is winning that battle by a long chalk. Apple has 225,000 apps of which 23% are free, said Strauss.

The biggest contender is Android. “Android has been adopted by almost everyone except Nokia”, said Strauss, “Nokia is going its own way.”

Android has 30,000 apps of which 57% are free.

Then comes Nokia’s Ovi which has 10,000 apps, 26% of which are free.

After that come Windows Mobile which is giving way to new OSes including Windows 7, Palm and Blackberry.

Asked about Chrome, Strauss replied: “The idea of Chrome is to do the computing in the Cloud and have a small OS in the handset with most of the processing done outside in the Cloud.”

“It’s like GPS”, added Strauss, “where the processing power and the processing take place at the carrier.”

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